Restore your tired, faded, scratched or dull paintwork. Bring it back to life with Flash Vacs paintwork enhancement and correction

This process involves removal of all waxes and polishes as well as all surface contiminents such as brake dust, traffic film, bird lime marks, tar spots and industrial fall-out. These contaminents leave the paintwork feeling rough and looking dull. Your paint may also suffer from swirl marks and light scuffs and minor scratches. Paintwork can also appear to become oxidised over time due to UV light that causes loss of paint pigment.

You may not realise that over time your paintwork has faded and poor washing techniques have caused swirl marks marks.

Below are a selection of images from some of our recent paint corrections and enhancements

Below are images of a prior paint correction. A 1996 red Volvo 850 T5. This car had been sat unused for 18 months prior to being bought.  The paint was heavily oxidised and faded. Below are 2 images showing what the car looked like prior to correction

The images below show the same 1996 Volvo 850 T5 after paint correction & enhancement

All these issues can be cured with paintwork correction by Flash Vacs. Every panel will be clay barred, machine polished and waxed / sealed to restore and revive the original paint colour - You'll be amazed by the results.

A full portfolio of this procedure is available upon request

Flash Vacs wll bring your tired, swirled or oxidised paintwork back to life! Please contact us for a free quote and friendly advice.